Home practice for hips


Here is a great yoga sequence for the weekend from one of my teachers, Jason Crandell. I absolutely love hip openers especially in the winter when everything feels cold & achy. 

A sequence like this prepares the body for Padmasana or lotus pose, which if forced can really hurt your knees.  But what about Buddha? He looks so happy and comfortable sitting in lotus!  The truth is, most of us are taking our first steps down the yoga path, don't rush it.  The images depicted of gurus & buddhas in meditation reflect thousands of hours of preparation & practice.  So, start where you are. Start today.  

If you are looking for a more invigorating practice, repeat poses 1-6 several times & spend five breaths in each.  If you are looking for a slower, more restorative practice, run through the sequence once & hold each pose for 3-5 minutes.  Make sure you do both legs!

For the last pose, modify by sitting against the wall, up on a pillow & with the shins crossed.  Take 20-30 slow deep breaths to finish. 

For a moving yogi and a moving river, impurities and sediments and filth can never settle. If he stays still, attachment will form.
— Maharajji

Namaste yogis! :)

Rachel WardComment