Yoga Practice for Beginners

Striking Cobra (Shashank Bhujangasana)

This is a great practice for beginners to get the spine moving and build some strength through the arms & shoulders.  When done with the navel drawing in, the abdominals are gently toned.  

Start by sitting back on the heals and taking several rounds of deep breath.  Keep your hands in the same position throughout the practice. On an inhale, start to shift your weight forwards, hugging the elbows in and keeping the face close to the mat.

Press into the hands to start to lift the chest up and take your gaze up.

Let the belly drop down towards the mat & send the tailbone upwards.

As you exhale, start to tuck your tailbone under and round through the upper back.  Press your shoulder blades as high as you can.

Keep this rounded shape as you sit back on the heals.  Repeat 10 rounds or 10 breaths. 

Finish with a meditation.  Sit comfortably on a pillow or up against a wall and breath smoothly with the eyes closed and the face relaxed.  Stay here 5-10 minutes bringing all of your attention on your breath.  Allow your thoughts to pass through without attaching to them.  Bring your hands to prayer.  Namaste

Rachel Ward