We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home...

Today was a great day.  I joined up with some incredible people (Mike & Megan) to teach an outdoor fitness class.  I felt a bit nervous, but I do every time I teach, which is part of teaching something you feel passionate about. When you care about something so much, you want to share it with the world, even if the very thought of doing that makes you shake!   Where does this passion come from?  How is it manifested? What is its purpose? I have recently been exploring these questions in my teaching and in my life. 

After our fitness session today, my lovey friend Megan did a talk on positive psychology.  The talk was based on the methodology of Paul Chek about The 4 Doctors: Dr. Movement, Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, & Dr. Happiness.  Megan handed out a quiz on each doctor in order to become more clear on which areas need more attention in our lives.  One of the questions stuck with me as I went home: "If you die today, would you die knowing that you have lived fully?" When I circled 'yes,' I was sitting next to my wife.  I couldn't help but think about how love is never finished.  Yes, it is true I feel I have lived fully, but as long as someone I love is still alive, have I shown them my love fully?

  As I explore this question, I can't help but think of my friend and mentor John Slade, who died July 7th from a tragic car accident.  I can honestly say he was the most passionate person I have ever met and his legacy of students, friends, & fellow actors attest to this truth.  I wonder what his final thought was as that speeding car hit him? I bet it was Laurie, his beloved wife, waiting for the usual sounds of him coming home and crawling into bed.  I remember rehearsing a scene with John from 12 Angry Men and after a very dramatic reading, I burst into laughter. "You spit on me," I said to John.  A smile crept across his face as he said "Without spit, there is no passion."  I never forgot that sentence.  There have been many nights I worried whether my wife would come home.  When she came home after fighting the London Bridge terrorist attack June 3rd, I pointed out her bruises and she said "I don't even remember when they happened, I was just doing the best I could do."  

Passion manifests in different ways, and I'm starting to notice how important it is to focus on the things that channel it.  I feel blessed to know people who have given themselves fully to whatever is at hand.  These people channel their purpose, offer their hearts and better humanity. 

 Tonight as I started to cook dinner, I remembered a quote that Ram Das wrote "We are all just walking each other home." 

If we are all just walking each other home, it is the walk that matters.  'Home' is inevitable- our steps reveal us. It is important to be mindful of where we walk, how we walk and with whom we walk.  These choices define our lives.  

John walked home having lived and loved fully. He believed in the magic of storytelling so fiercly, he became the character. He loved his wife so passionately, it radiated. John showed me how to walk with passion and love, my journey forever changed for having known him. Life is not a solo experience, we are all connected on this walk.  

Follow the footprints of the passionate ones...


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