Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is full of life.  Well, I did visit during an England vs. Scotland rugby match, but I like to think kilts are worn like that by everyone year-round.  The town was buzzing with things to do, from shopping on Queen's Street to hiking atop Arthur's Seat.  We did these things, but for me, wandering around town with no plan or destination is where the real magic happens.  Whenever we get lost, we strike up a conversation with a local about the area. We ask advice and we take it.  There is nothing better than seeing the best live music in town alongside a townie who has been looking forward to it all week! 

Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle 

ET phone home

ET phone home

We stayed at the best little Air BnB right across from the entrance to Holyrood Park.  This location was great because we could easily walk to Aurthur's Seat, downtown & local grocery stores.  It's a university town, so public busses were frequent and reliable.  This spot is also next to the Commonwealth Swimming Pool


VEGETARIAN: Earthy is a fantastic grocery store and has all things you want from an organic, local health food store.  It has a grocery store location in Newington, which includes a cafe, as well as a separate restaurant location on the other side of town.


I really liked the coffee at Castello in New Town


Meadowlark Yoga


Whistle Binkies


Things I have learned about the Scottish

  • They have no problem with projection.

  • Kilts are worn on Hogmanay & match days.

  • Don't ask man in a kilt if he's a real scotsman.

  • Old town is always the best part of a town

  • Always bring a scarf to Scotland.

  • Edinburgh is full of American students