***Since our last workshop in November 2016, Sam was diagnosed with testicular cancer, went through 4 rounds of chemo, major surgery & was declared CANCER FREE!  This workshop means a lot to us, and we are happy we can finally share it with you all again!***

 This workshop will take you through the basics of alignment, positioning & sequencing to help prepare you for going upside down! 

You will learn exercises, drills, & techniques to gain the strength and flexibility needed to hold a handstand.  The workshop will be sequenced to take you through a mix of yoga, gymnastics and circus arts.


This 2.5 hour workshop includes:

  • 2 Teachers offering hands-on adjustments

  • a yoga warm up to get the spine moving & the joins ready for balancing

  • warm ups for the wrists shoulders & legs

  • core work to engage all the muscles you need to stabilize a handstand

  • drills to build strength in all the areas required to do a handstand

  • drills for straddle press handstand

  • partner work

  • prep poses against the wall & with props

Why handstands?

Practicing handstand is a never ending journey. The more you practice, the more you start to refine alignment, techniques & positioning.  Whether you are a seasoned inverter or new to handstand, there will be something for everyone.  Flipping your perspective, going out of your comfort zone & pushing your limits help you to grow as a person.  Handstand offers endless challenges, even to those who can hold it, so the fun never stops! 

What will I leave knowing?

You might not leave holding the perfect handstand, but you will have the tools to continue your handstand journey with new skills, confidence and the ability to continue your personal practice!


Meet the teachers:



Rachel is a 200Hour YA Yoga teacher, passionate about the benefits of yoga & movement.  She has practiced yoga for 6 years & taught for 3, building a community of students devoted to the practice.  She has studied with the likes of Jason Crandell & Tim Miller and is working on a 500Hour certification at Triyoga with Jean Hall & Anna Ashby. Inversions are something she never thought she'd be able to do, but since practicing yoga, her mind has completely changed.  She believes with hard work & an open mind you can achieve anything!



Sam Glithero

Sam has trained with some of the top handstand teachers in the industry, including world renound Yuval & Sainaa from the London School of Hand Balancing. He has a vast knowledge of inversions, hand balancing, & outdoor jumping.  He is trained in trapeze with the National Centre for Circus Arts in London &  is certified PT REPS level 3.  His down-to-earth approach makes everyone feel comfortable going upside down.  









“I took part in Yoga Ray’s handstand workshop and it was simply great. Something for all levels to work on. I already feel like I’ve made progress. Thank you. I can’t wait for the next one!!” — Carly
“Being at the handstand workshop was such an exciting experience. As a 31 year old who is new to yoga, the idea of standing on my hands seemed like a distant memory from my childhood! I attended with an open mind (and a bit of fear) but was welcomed with only support, guidance & encouragement. The actual training and drills built a solid foundation for technique and also provided “takeaways” for the home practice! I now find myself eyeing up the perfect wall to practice on. Overall, the most motivating part was that with the help of Rachel & Sam I actually successfully held a handstand at the end of the workshop (I never dreamed that would be the end result!) It was above & beyond my expectations. I could even identify in my body what I needed to correct in order to be more secure in the future! Thank you to both for their detailed, accessible and fun programme! They are an inspiring duo! Cannot wait for the next one!” — Megan
“Sam and Rachel’s Handstand Workshop was such an amazing day! The atmosphere was friendly and fun which made learning different handstand drills easier. Throughout the day I could feel my fear of getting upside down slowly disappearing. I feel confident to practice at home alone now. The teaching level was spot on, can’t wait for the next workshop!” — Hayley

*Please note tickets are non-transferable & non-refundable with less than 24h notice