Writing is a great way for young people to articulate feelings, be creative and learn about positive thinking.  Each girl will receive a journal to decorate and make her own!



Writing is an important outlet for dealing with the emotions that come with growing up.  Your child will be able to practice writing down her thoughts, in her own unique voice, without any judgement, just a place they can explore her inner dialogue as they experiences the world around and their place in it.  



Journaling is a great way to develop and explore creativity.  Kids will be given prompts to start them off on a creative journey through their own expression.  They will be encouraged to have an open mind and explore their creativity with no 'right' or 'wrong' answer.  



It is our aim to present Dweck's theories on developing a "growth mindset" in order to have an "I can" approach to all challenges. This will be presented in a creative and engaging way in order to allow girls to see failure as a stepping stone rather than an end point. The brain can be a incredible tool for creating happy and positive people; we will look at strategies such as the power of YET, mind flip, breath work, mindfulness techniques, vision boarding and yoga to help our Kids tackle moments of anxiety and self-doubt in their every day lives.