Meditation & Gentle yoga workshops


All Saint's Chafford Hundred, Essex RM166RW

*Please check timings on individual workshops

Gentle yoga and meditation. Suitable for injuries and limited mobility (cleared by doctor). Come destress and learn to relax!

Focus will be on learning about the breath.

Schedule Outline:

30 minutes of asana (very won't get off the floor)

30 minutes of supported postures

30 minutes of legs up the wall

30 minutes of yoga Nidra (guided meditation)

All props/mats provided

Complimentary Tea

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket or warm clothes for relaxation :)

I have attended Rachel’s gentle yoga and relaxation workshop for the first time and it was such a beautiful workshop. Rachel is a wonderful teacher who is kind and fully understands your personal needs. I will definitely be attending her future workshops and classes.
— Debbie
The workshop gave me a few hours of peace and quiet to focus in on my breathing and reach into sore sports in my body. I felt very soothed and comforted as Rachel’s clear instruction guided us through the meditation and stretches. She created an environment for my body and mind to become quiet and still. I can’t wait to practice with her again!
— Ciara
The perfect way to switch off thinking and feel relaxed! I never miss a session as they have really impacted the way I breath and approach daily stress.
— Vicki