Yoga is a great way to increase awareness of the body, improve confidence, and become stronger both physically and mentally. 



Yoga is a great way to increase body awareness and use as a tool to reduce stress.  Growing up is not easy, and yoga is a perfect practice to use to help stay positive and focused.  

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Young kids face insecuities in all aspects of life.  Yoga will be offered as a way to increase confidence and discover unique strengths.  Empowerment is at the heart of our Mindful Kids Camp, and we will practice creating good thoughts towards ourselves first so that we can lift each other up. 

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When kidss build strength physically, they also feel stronger mentally.  Yoga helps to tone the muscles while increasing stamina and breath control.  Kidss will learn basic yoga postures to increase strength and begin to develop the mental strength to stick with it even though its challenging.  We will do some fun partner poses too!