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Practice with Rachel is an incredibly rewarding experience, offering an opportunity for both self- improvement and self-reflection. Classes are varied and accessible- I discover something new each week, and leave humbled by the strength of the body and the mind. I am incredibly thankful to Rachel for reminding me to be more present and patient with myself.
— Claire, Business Intelligence Manager
Practicing yoga at work, especially lunchtime, is a great way to switch off and take a break from everything around you. Rachel is honestly the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. She is genuine and really cares about her students. The only time I’ve seen improvements in my poses and flexibility are from yoga classes with Rachel. Can’t wait to master all the different balance poses!
— Sandra, Data Scientist @ Lyst
I truly recommend the practice of yoga at the workplace. It has improved my concentration and the ability to stay calm in demanding situations. It has also enhanced my overall well-being and health.
— Giulia, SEO Executive @ Lyst
Classes are such a great balance of relaxation, stretching & exercise. I always finish the class feeling like I had a really good workout, but am ready to fall asleep. My favourite yoga class in London by far!
— Calvin, Data Science- Acquisition
Rachel is an excellent teacher and thanks to her guidance, I have improved so much. The classes are always the right mixture of a challenging workout & relaxation. I am always fully refreshed after each class!
— Lili, Project Manager @ Lyst
Yoga at work is great as there’s no excuse not to practice! Rachel helps give tips and tricks that I can use beyond the mat and I really look forward to it each week. Rachel’s classes are a perfect combo of ab work and flexibility and has made me want to practice as much as possible whereas before I was a little lazy!
— Sophia, Illustrator @ Lyst
Being able to take an hour out of my week to stretch and breathe and push myself in other ways has become really important to me. Yoga at work is stress relieving, tension releasing, and a great bonding experience with my colleagues!
— Charlotte, Customer Care @ Lyst

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